​Barbara Kerr, Ph.D.
Williamson Family Distinguished Professor of Counseling Psychology, University of Kansas  

Terry Goddard
Former Attorney General
State of Arizona  


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Child Advocacy 101

"This brilliant, harrowing book exposes the cruel perversities of the proponents of 'Man-boy love,' radical polygamy, myths within "Parental Alienation Syndrome"  and corporal punishment. Even those helping professionals who work directly with children will be shocked at the influence these disturbed people have on our child protective system, our courts, and our society's conscience. Those of us who are psychologists will be shamed to see how our theories, research and practices have been twisted in the courts to support the devastation of families and the abandonment of our children's best interests.  The authors whom I have long known for their brave and persistent work on behalf of powerless and victimized children, have done a stunning job of bringing the realities of these injustices to our attention. ... " 

"This book provides a valuable tool for attorneys, law enforcment officers, social workers, therapists and health care workers -- to all who seek to help abused and neglected children."

"It was not CPS or the police that rescued my child from the sadistic beatings of my daughter's father, but two child advocates. They rustled up the system to pay attention. They saved her life and my sanity."



Child Advocacy 101

Child Advocacy 101