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Court-Ordered Services 

If you believe your child's situation meets these conditions and would like to find out if your child qualifies for assistance, you may give us a call at:


If our staff agrees that your child's circumstances appear to meet our criteria, you will be asked to download our
Intake Form (Spanish Intake). Print it out, complete it, and return it along with the supporting documentation to demonstrate child abuse or neglect. Support documentation includes such information as police reports, CPS and medical reports, psychological and custody evaluations, therapist notes and forensic interviews, along with recent court orders regarding child custody or guardianship.

After our caseworkers have screened your intake package, your child's situation will be reviewed by the entire staff in order to determine if Defenders of Children will accept the case. Any partial documents that are submitted will delay the review of your child's case while the caseworker attempts to contact you for the missing pages of a report, etc.

Defenders of Children believes that children have a right to both of their parents.  When the court deems a child may be at risk, a judge might order supervised parenting time. If that happens, we are here to help ensure the interaction between the parent and children is safe. We offer our services at reduced rates.

Supervised Parenting Time- $45 per hour - A supervisor observes the parenting time and reports the observations to a judge.

Therapeutic Supervised Parenting Time - $75 per hour - This is not therapy; rather the supervisor observes the parenting time and teaches or intervenes when appropriate or necessary. Observations and recommendations are reported to the court.

Therapeutic Intervention - $125 per hour - A licensed counselor works with parents and children when there is an estrangement, abandonment, or other need to repair the parent-child relationship. Progress updates are provided to the judge along with recommendations.

Child Advocacy 101

Defenders of Children's FAMILY SERVICES SUPPORT PROGRAM offers, for clients that meet our critieria, the following reduced-fee services:

 • Counseling services for children and parents
 • Parenting classes
 • Supervised parenting time
 • Relearning Relationships© classes

Defenders of Children steps in upon request of protective family members, court officials or child welfare workers. Defenders of Children will not accept a case if authorities have not yet been contacted and proper channels for assistance have not been sought. We believe our law enforcement and child protection personnel are trained to assess allegations of abuse and equipped to provide protection when needed. They are the appropriate first responders when allegations of child abuse arise.

However, if concerned adults have encountered a brick wall because they have already tried available avenues of intervention and there is still credible evidence that the child remains in a high-risk situation, Defenders of Children will review the circumstances to determine whether to step in with its own resources.

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