Defenders of Children just had a real live high profile "win." Below is a brief description of the case:

This was a "high profile" case, because of how many organizations got involved.  A local television station interviewed both the mother and the shelter where she resides, and it aired on local news. This case also appeared in a written news story. In addition, the mother spoke on

C-SPAN regarding domestic violence, and has worked closely with Senator John McCain. An animal advocacy group in Florida also got involved, since [the husband/father] killed the family pet. Even the US Military was involved.

Through it all, our legal team -- headed by our staff attorney Jami Cornish -- kept their composure and stepped up to defend the rights of the abused mother and the three children . . . and
WON!  In the court order, the judge lifted language right out of our staff attorney's document, and ordered the husband/father to pay legal fees.

Our legal team truly earns the title of being a

WIN For Defenders of Children!


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How to Apply

Special/Unique Populations

  • FLDS/Polygamy - Defenders of Children will assist anyone seeking to leave these communities, or help rescue others wanting to leave. Contact us immediately for assistance.
  • Human/Sex Trafficking Victims
  • Victims of Crime

Defenders of Children has special programs available for these specific populations. If you fall under these categories, please contact us immediately for assistance.

Legal Services

When navigating through the maze of the legal system, it is easy to become confused and get lost. Hiring an attorney can be costly, especially when ordered by the court to pay for other professionals such as Court Appointed Advisers, Parenting Coordinators, Psychologists, Court Interventionists, etc. Loved ones can seek consultation from our experienced staff attorneys in an effort to advocate for and protect their child(ren). Defenders of Children's legal services are provided for FREE, with eligibility under our grant funding. Our team provides direct and indirect legal representation, document preparation, consultations, assistance to attorneys representing the child/non-offending family member, and more. 

In extremely complex situations, at our discretion, Defenders of Children may reach out to other professionals for assistance with representation. If referred out for representation, all costs are an agreement between you and that attorney and Defenders of Children accepts no liability or responsibility for payment. If you need legal direction to help protect children from allegations or ongoing abuse and have compelling evidence of such, please call us.

Child Advocacy 101

‚ÄčIf you believe your child's situation meets these conditions and would like to find out if your child qualifies for assistance, you may give us a call at:


If our staff agrees that your child's circumstances appear to meet our criteria, you will be asked to download our
Intake Form (Spanish Intake).  Print it out, complete it, and return it along with the supporting documentation to demonstrate child abuse or neglect. Support documentation includes such information as police reports, CPS and medical reports, psychological and custody evaluations, therapist notes and forensic interviews, along with recent court orders regarding child custody or guardianship.

After our caseworkers have screened your intake package, your child's situation will be reviewed by the entire staff in order to determine if Defenders of Children will accept the case. Any partial documents that are submitted will delay the review of your child's case while the caseworker attempts to contact you for the missing pages of a report, etc.