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Some positive things people have to say about us

Child Advocacy 101

"Thanks for trying to help me."
- Ryan (age 9)

"I would like to express my appreciation and thanks for your tremendous support and enduring tenacity during the last year. Without such dedication, my wonderful children would most likely still be subjected to more or even worse attrocities. The world needs more great people like you, who work endlessly to bring justice for the children. Defenders of Children is the organization I will help introduce to others through my corporate and social endeavors to help bring this message forward. You have given me the strength to know I can make a difference."
- Sam K.
Adoptive Father

"Defenders of Children is the only organization that has ever helped me help the women and families of the polygamist compounds along the Arizona/Utah border."
- Flora Jessop
Survivor and Activist

"I accomplished more for the safety of children and families as staff attorney at Defenders of Children than in four years as a Representative in the State Legislature. Child advocates are greatly needed to bring balance to the protective system and facilitate the rescue of abuse victims."
- David Lujan
 Former Arizona State Legislator
and Former Defenders of Children Staff Attorney

"I was completely lost in the mazes of Child Protective Services, law enforcement, family court and all the legal speak. Defenders of Children provided the guidance to help my children -- a beautiful bright light at the end of a very long, dark tunnel. I am Forever grateful."
- Sarah M.

"I knew nothing of how the education system worked and my special needs son was being failed by his school. I don't know what I would have done without Defenders of Children. Thanks to them, my son is now receiving a real education. They are my angels!"
- Kathy W.