As a recipient of the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) Grant, Defenders of Children offers FREE services to non-offending family members and victims of crime such as:

 • Child Abuse or Neglect
 • Child Sexual Abuse or Molestation
 • Sex Trafficking of Minors
 • Survivors of Homicide
 • Kidnapping

 • Bullying

If you or your children are a victim of one or more of these or other crimes, Defenders of Children can help.
Some of the services we provide for victims are:

• Counseling

• Trauma Informed Counseling

• Life Skills

• Personal Advocacy

• Victim Compensation

Victim Services


• Support Participating in the Criminal Justice Process
• Orders of Protection
• Emergency Custody/Guardianship

• Information, Resources, & Referrals
• And More...

Read our book:

Child Advocacy 101

 • Domestic Violence
 • Adult Abused as Child

 • Assault

 • Sex Trafficking of adults
 • Sexual Assault/Rape
 • Other Victimizations

If you believe your or your child's situation meets these conditions and would like to find out if you qualify for assistance, you may give us a call at:


If our staff agrees that your or your child's circumstances appear to meet our criteria, you will be asked to download our
Intake Form (Spanish Intake). Print it out, complete it, and return it.

How to Apply

Child Advocacy 101