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Educational Advocacy

Defenders of Children fiercely advocates for children with education-related issues.  Our educational advocates are seasoned professionals called in to help when a child is not receiving services in school to which they are entitled, not making educational progress, and/or their IEPs are not being followed.

Issues we may be able to assist with, upon determination of case eligibility:

  • Parent Support and help navigating the Special Education System

  • Requesting an evaluation for Special Education Services to determine if your child has a disability

  • Getting your child’s IEP (Individual Education Plan) goals met

  • Bullying

  • Transition Services

  • School Resources

  • Transgender Rights

  • IEP/504 Meetings

  • Manifestation/Disciplinary Meetings

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Skills/Filing Complaints

  • Behavioral Supports and Discipline

  • ​GED Requirements/Disability Accommodations

  • Educational Compliance/Negotiations

  • Empowerment Scholarships Accounts (ESAs)

  • Children that are dually adjudicated, have mental health diagnosis, addiction and sex offences

  • Children involved with the Department Child Safety, the Court and Probation Systems

    • System Navigation

    • Civil Rights Advocacy

    • Education Advocacy

    • Advocacy in the DDD System

    • Behavioral Health Advocacy

    • Complex Case Management

    • Parent Training

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