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Become a Defender of Children Today.

Learn how you can help our mission.

Donate Today

Donating online today is the fastest and easiest way to help us advance our mission to protect children and families from violence, fight for their access to justice, facilitate healing, and end the intergenerational cycle of abuse.

Easy Ways to Help Us Defend Children

Create a Facebook birthday fundraiser – this is an awesome, easy way to help us fundraise!

Volunteer your professional services (attorneys and mental health professionals who can help our clients pro bono are greatly needed)

Join our Board of Directors or Advisory Council

Donate $421 (if you file single) or $841 (as a married couple) and get a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your next filing.

Donate goods, services, experiences, or gift baskets, etc., for upcoming/ongoing fundraising events.

Like/follow/comment/share posts from @DefendersofChildren on Facebook.

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